Stéphanie Côté

An essential ingredient and a great source of pleasure


Stéphanie Côté has a straightforward mission: to convince people that eating well is a good thing that’s not very complicated, even if life has you going a mile a minute!

In addition to her degree in Nutrition from Université Laval, Stéphanie Côté holds a Master’s in Sports Nutrition from Université de Montréal.

She’s worked in communications since 2000, the year in which she won first prize in the science journalism competition of the Bourse Fernand-Seguin.

She’s been seen on several media outlets, including RDI, Radio-Canada, TVA, LCN, Cogeco Media, Naître et grandir and Veille Action. Stéphanie wears many hats at any given time, as a coordinator for Université de Montréal’s nutritional reference centre Extenso, as a lecturer, a blogger, and the author of books on sports nutrition, the feeding of infants and children, microbiota, and pregnancy.

Stéphanie and Maple

“An essential ingredient and a great source of pleasure … With maple, I sweeten it up just a little, but I sweeten better!”

“I’m so proud that we produce this in Québec. It’s a gift from nature that doesn’t exploit labourers or destroy the ecosystem. I love maple. It’s unrefined, unlike so many other sweeteners, and it’s also a source of many nutrients …”

Maple … a Slice of Life!

“I love maple for its versatility, from oatmeal or pancakes in the morning to vinaigrette for my salad to dessert. Sometimes I take a dose of pure syrup when I’m doing a sport over a long stretch. I particularly like to make granola mixes, and they always have maple syrup in them.”

Recettes créées par notre nutritionniste

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